Living & Breathing Art…. The Muck Life


This post is the result of just wandering with purpose. The city is LA and I never seem to connect to people out there. I don’t know if it’s my NY in your face attitude (probably) or my New England no nonsense approach to life ( oh that’s kinda the same but with a different accent)… Well, I just started driving with less then 2 hours left before my flight back to reality. The sun was casting that golden hour hue and I thought I’d check out this funky place on Lincoln. It’s called the Love Shack but I didn’t know that before , I thought it was a place with food trucks and maybe I could get inspired and also grab a fast dinner. No food…. it’s a combo of music, art and vintage stuff type of place… Visually stimulating! I wandered around taking Instagram shots but I just wasn’t feeling the “I wanna capture this and show the world my vision” type of vibe . That California lifestyle has been done so many times and the locals are all so super perfect & trendy that I just didn’t think any of them would fall in with my “authentic candid style”. As I was leaving I turned to get one more camera phone pic and I saw this beautifully imperfect girl painting.