A brother just for me!


I used my passion as a lifestyle photographer to explore the possibilities of becoming a single mom by choice. By photographing others who had already immersed themselves into parenthood on their own I was able to gain the confidence to do it myself.  I named this project Conception because all the families I met were conceived first and foremost through their hearts. I learned that family was no longer defined by marital status, race or even gender. Families are created with love and the need to nurture. Conception is a combination of my art and my life.

In the past decade there has been a radical evolution in the definition of family. Celebrities as well as your neighbors have all lead the way for the acceptance of every type of family and now advertisers like Nabisco and General Mills are embracing the new normal. Single motherhood by choice is common these days and most of you know at least one or two from your child’s school, workplace or neighborhood.  International and domestic adoption, surrogacy, joint parenting contracts, and artificial insemination with donor eggs and sperm banks are all the options available to creating a family. It is mind boggling to think of all the different ways these choices can be combined to conceive your dream of parenting.  Conception chronicles just a few of the loving homes throughout the country that have used these alternative means to conceive their own nuclear family. What’s yours story?

A Brother just for Me.    Alisha & Luca



Alisha and her partner married in 2009 (Civil Union) and decided together to become parents. Her partner was the first to get pregnant and Luca was born in February 2010 with two loving moms who adored parenting.They planned to have more children but unfortunately their union did not last. Although divorced they share joint custody of their precious son.


Alisha wanted more kids, she wanted to experience pregnancy and more importantly to give Luca a biological sibling. Her second child will be born at the end of the month and has the same paternal genetics as Luca.  He wants to name his new brother Nico-Matteo-Cutie-Patootie but I think Mom has another name picked out.








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