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Before I moved to Mayberry rarely went grocery shopping. If I needed something, I just stopped at the local Bodega but mostly I just ate out. ( oh how I miss that NYC lifestyle). Settling in the burbs and becoming a mom has made trips to the mega food emporiums an almost daily occurrence, which is really my worst nightmare. There are so many places I would rather be but the supermarket is always where I end up.

A few months ago I noticed that there were men everywhere, pushing the grocery carts, chatting with each other and all with their kids in tow. The supermarket was actually more men friendly and the marketing was targeting the dads with beer near the diapers and an aisle filled with both chips and man products. Some places even added gardening centers to their establishments to woo that male customer into their store.

There has been a paradigm shift in the demographics of the supermarket and I think it actually represents a society that no longer separates our responsibilities by gender and accepts that time is really the delegator of who does what within the family dynamic.The supermarket is now the new Male “hang” and I happily turn the place over to them. Please don’t forget the eggs!

Credits: Make up by Amanda Rae, Hair by Allie for Salon Concrete and thanks Heidi for being my super model on such short notice and Andrea, Damien and the kids for showing up and playing along. Anthropologie in the Grove for having so many great dresses to chose from (one stop shopping) and a really big shout out to Sickles Market in Fair Haven for letting us shoot all over their glorious store on a Sunday

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