To Sue Barr, Suburban Bliss is about more than just fashionable women and in-your-face photographs. Suburban Bliss is about empowering the American mother and influencing them to get out of their sweats, out of the mini-van, leave the kids with someone else and be as beautiful as they really are.  For Sue, this project is an outlet of creativity and humor; a way to expand her horizons into different genres of photography. The only similarity between Suburban Bliss and her already famous life-style photography is that the people that you see in the shots are all real, no casting, no models, just your average every day moms.

Heavily influenced by classic movies from the Fifties through the Seventies like Blow-Up, Klute, What’s New Pussycat, Belle de Jour, Ice, and Shampoo, Sue takes the glamour of the old days in Hollywood and brings it to the typical suburban mom. Women book shoots and volunteer for projects to give their husbands gifts, post on their blogs or just to take the time to enjoy themselves and have a good laugh while contributing to a wonderful endeavor of artistic expression. The direction of Suburban Bliss is still unknown, but open to anything. Publishers and curators inquire within.

Sue Barr has received a number of awards including APA Best Life-Style Photographer and a Lucie for her series Urban Suburban. She is available in the tri-state area and beyond.