Farewell Summer…


191_KEANSBURGnoDeeYes, New York City and the boroughs, especially Brooklyn are filled with cultural and visual enlightening moments but seriously is that enough on a blistering hot day in the city. Summer is about fun, laughter and living an easy life. 122_KEANSBURGnoDeeEvery summer, I am thankful for the burbs because within moments we can be at the beach, walking a breezy boardwalk or riding a rickety roller coaster. There are beaches with ample parking, state fairs that have plenty of decadent food treats ( deep fried Oreos anyone?) and especially all the Amusement parks, flashing thier lights tempting us to play the rigged games and eat the simply decadent sugary delights they offer. I mean what is better than cotton candy or creamy soft serve ice cream on a hot summer day. It doesn’t get any simpler then the flavors they offer, chocolate or vanilla! I don’t think Smorgasbord at the Brooklyn Pier has any of these treats?171_134_KEANSBURGnoDeeIn the Summer, I rarely long for my NYC days or my culturally enlightened friends. But Summer is over and I am missing intellectual  provoking visual stimulation and maybe some healthy treats ( Smorgasbord, here we come). Our kids are back to school, being educated and it is a reminder that I too want to be challenged on a more cultural and intellectual level . Farewell Summer…

165_KEANSBURGnoDeeA quick thanks to my peeps. I spent the summer shooting amazing images for my soon to be updated advertising and editorial website. I also shot for Image Source, a premier Stock Agency. Thanks Lisa, for the inspirational briefs!

Thank you Renate, at Friendly Faces Talent Management for the steady stream of casting choices. Christopher & Betsy and your beautiful daughter and your funny Uncle Phil for helping me create Senior moments.Thanks Kellyfor schlepping your kids down to Keansburg and standing in front of my camera ( I know you like behind the scenes more) with your beautiful kids ( your pix will be posted soon), Thanks Christine for letting your daughters be my muse at a moments notice… I know you have a lot going on! ThanksAaron and DS Kyle for being great sports. Thanks BonnieKarin KelliSusanRenee for letting your daughters be part of the series Girls Rule and Girl Power. Jeff & Tatiana, I so appreciate you letting me turn your pregnancy shoot into a Stock assignment. Thanks Cornell for going along with my retro shoot on the hottest day in North Carolina ( PerrySarah, & Donna thanks for helping) .. Stay tune Suebarr.com will be the home of some of these but also my blogs and instagram will also showcase the images so followhttp://instagram.com/suebarr, subscribe to my blogs or just watchsuebarrphoto 080_KEANSBURGnoDee

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