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I’m staying with the Laugh In theme on this one. After we accomplished the “Goldie Hawn” version of this Suburban Bliss shoot, I took Kelly outside to a little corner of my backyard (mind you my backyard is little to begin with so you can only imagine the corner I cramped her into).  I shot her in the late afternoon light with just a reflector to enhance the moment. The purpose was to capture her as just a pretty woman she is. No theme in mind.  Since she still has the body paint on from the “Sock It to Me” shoot she looks pretty groovy, don’t you think?

We never just stop during the course of our day or week and look at ourselves for the attractive woman we are. Having businesses, kids and homes just about takes over our entire being. Recently I lost a lot of weight (Thank you Dr Emma) and am realizing that I am still an attractive woman with a lot of “Joie de Vivre” in me! … I’m glad my ulterior motive wasn’t to please a man or society but to just be happy with my own reflection.

Ultimately I am pleasing some men:) and almost everyone I have come in contact with has noticed and been so complimentary to the results (BTW, thank you for noticing). It feels good to throw on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt or a simple sundress and not hide beneath layers and layers of cloth. I am wearing more jewelry though! It seems my nature is to accessorize and because I’m not hiding rolls of fat, I can wear a new pair of earrings that calls attention to my neck or tons rings because I don’t have fat puffy fingers anymore.

Life has little twists and turns and we sometimes get lost in all the muck along the way. So today’s Suburban Bliss is about rediscovering who we are by way of shedding a few of those pounds and adding maybe a new bangle to our already sparkling personas.

Thank You Kelly for being such an incredible subject, Christine for the great hairstyles (at a moments notice) and Ann Marie for the inventive body painting.

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