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My parents are 89 years old (actually mom turn 89 in July). I have realized for a long time that my father is just the shell of the man he was once  ( seriously mean it when I say shell as he has late stage dementia) and my mother (oy that’s 20 years of psychotherapy)  has always been self absorbed and as she’s aged it has become evident that we play in her world or not at all!


© 2015 Sue Barr Photo


© 2015 Sue Barr Photo

I am just trying to figure out how to stay in the moment when I am dealing with them. Stay compassionate and understanding when they are ornery and demanding. They have a wonderful caregiver living 24/7, mom  still drives (but not far and I wouldn’t risk being on the same road as her) so she can get to the grocery store, play bridge with friends and always make her weekly hairdressing appointment. God Bless her.


© 2015 Sue Barr Photo

What really worries me are the simplest things. Thier mobility is decreasing at a rapid speed. Today doing errands my father could barely comprehend how to put one foot in front of the other and my mom had physical pain just doing it. I have finally realized no matter how we prepare for the inevitable aging process the worst is yet to come. So tonight I will be grateful for the littlest things and try my hardest to live day to day with gratitude. Namaste

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