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Lazy days with my son are becoming scarce these days. We are always rushing off to some activity or I am off shooting other families. Life is busy and that’s a good thing! It’s bittersweet but these days, our family time at home is something else to add to our over scheduled life.


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I am looking forward to the upcoming holiday break to just chill with my kid and relax together.  I love to make a grand breakfast that includes cinnamon french toast ( since he’s the only one eating carbs there is always lots of  leftover bread from the week),  bacon,  yummy fruit salad and I grab a Greek yogurt and a strong cup of coffee. We set the table like company’s coming and indulge in a leisurely meal where we catch up on the latest songs and videos he loves or if I am lucky and we are not rushed, he might even start talking about all the things that have been going on in his head for the past few weeks….


© SueBarr Photo


©SueBarr Photo

This very idea was the inspiration for these images. A dear client ( she seems to trust me like a long time friend)  asked me if I would just come over one Tuesday morning and help her capture images of her two adorable boys just hanging out . She was is a bit of an idealist and thought she could make everything  perfect. She dressed them in new pajamas and decided to make homemade pancakes for breakfast, She even set the table with her colorful ceramic dishes and placemats in anticipation the shoot.


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© SueBarr Photo


© SueBarr Photo

Those images of  a typical weekday morning that she dreamed of just weren’t going to happen with a photographer present  Everyone was a bit tense and the boys were just not into it, so I it was my job to lighten the mood.  I encouraged them  to help their mom with breakfast and even start making it themselves…… Finally she gave up the idea of the perfect morning and let the boys have some fun.  I always find that in creating a bit of chaos the magic happens..


© SueBarr Photo

These pics might not be documentary shots of an ordinary day but I think I captured that feeling all parents have of those moments in our hectic lives that are frameable. We are so craz busy these days and we think about photography as something to invest in when we need that perfect christmas picture.  Seriously the pix that mean the most to us will be the ordinary moments that can be crafted to capture our extra-ordinary lives..! Don’t you think?

I thank Suzy for her trust in me as a friend but mostly for her faith in me as an artist!

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