Just One Moment and its ExtraOrdinary


This post is not about taking snapshots on a camera phone.  Those captures are a documentation of an event or time frame you take as you are living your life. Unfortunately these snaps often highlight our flaws or poorly composed  so we keep them virtually or tucked away in a drawer for personal, private moments when we are nostalgic. We all have these images. They are important documentations of a life well lived.056_Goldwasser_177_044060_Goldwasser_200I am a professional fine art and advertising photographer  specializing in lifestyle imagery. I have wrestled with the dilemma of of documentary photography vs fine art  since I started pointing my lens at real people.

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From the very moment I started creating lifestyle imagery of families, I have been invited into people’s lives with my lens to compose visually pleasing images of  life. I do it for  big brands, small bussinesses, corporations and real people.  No matter how great technology has become there still needs someone that understands human behavior holding the camera. The camera is not your brain. If you are not thinking of what you’re shooting with an aesthetic sense then no matter how great a technician you are, the image just won’t capture the attention of the viewer.

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My images are real, filled with emotion combined with light and finely composed and edited so you don’t get lost in the muck. There are so many factors that I bring with my camera kit that can’t be packaged and taught with a Youtube video. I combine patience and perseverance, with humor and aspiration and use both my instincts and aesthetic to compose what I call “The ExtraOrdinary Moment”.

Reach out to me to hear more about what I do. I love to talk about it and believe I can do it for you whether you’ re a family, brand or corporation.

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