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Shhh … Don’t tell anyone but  I am firmly ensconced in middle age. I feel it in my bones ( little aches and pains but nothing serious) and the way I am treated in society ( you know the feeling that nobody notices you anymore)  but I don’t really believe it in my mind. It helps that all my friends and contemporaries are all active and they too are defying the past generations attitude of what middle age should look like.

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It seems the advertising world realizes they have been spending too much time on the Millennial’s, Generation X and Y who are in debt and really don’t have that discretionary  income the advertisers target. It’s the Baby Boomers ( now referred to as Seniors) that actually spend the $.  I recently had a few requests for assignment work with Seniors living a vibrant lifestyle.  I figured I would shoot a series for my web site and portfolio as I usually shoot babies , kids and families. The ad agencies want my carefree, lighthearted but directional style with vibrant, active seniors ( or can we go back to calling them baby boomers).

I put the word out and within a few hours I had my first subject. He’s close to 60, surf’s every morning before work, built his own dune buggy to get to and from the beach and even constructed a zip-line in his backyard…. What fun to photograph someone I could talk to in a normal voice ( often I am making funny sounds and singing for my wee subjects attention)  It seems 60 is the new 30!!! 114_DUDICK_ARNHEITER_124I’m still looking for subjects. IF your over 50 and live an engaging life, please give me a call or email me, as i would love to photograph you  on any of your typical days ( of course with a bit of hair & makeup).

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