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Laugh In was the first show on TV that I begged my parents to let me stay up and watch. I was all of 10 when it premiered and most of the gags were way over my head, but I just loved the silliness of it all.  I don’t think there is anything close to it now on the tube (traditional or u-tube) that has it’s simple purity.  Yes, there were risqué jokes, scantily clad woman in bikinis, politically incorrect remarks and sexual innuendo’s. But it wasn’t crass and it certainly didn’t make you feel uncomfortable watching it ,especially with your parents next to you, which is the case with so much that’s in the media these days. The late 60’s, early 70’s was the start of this revolution that has evolved into a full out bombardment on our innocence ( especially our kids). Please can’t we just be silly again!

Goldie Hawn was by far my favorite character on Laugh In. She had the funniest laugh and a downright goofy delivery to all her gags. I love her even more now, seeing the woman she matured into. It was fun to re-create her character with Kelly Silver, a suburban mom of 2 adorable girls.

Kelly and I met over 8 years ago through a German Client who had me photograph him in NY. She was this hot English singer that was dating him and I took some shots of both of them together. It was a strange shoot as it had no purpose (well maybe it did but nobody told me what it was for) but it paid well and it was a relatively easy day (remember my specialty is kids). This assignment was photographing a handsome guy that loved the camera and an added plus, he brought a beautiful accessory to enhance the shots. Fast forward 8 years later and I get an email from Kelly, reintroducing herself and letting me know we are practically neighbors. She too is a suburban mom and a working DJ and we are booked on the same gig in August. Small world!  Suburban Bliss is reconnecting to old acquaintances and becoming fast friends. Someone else stuck in the burbs to act just plain silly with.

Thanks to Christine @ Salon Concrete for creating the great hairstyles of era I miss so much and Ann Marie Bontempo for her intensely great body painting and especially her patience and dedication to detail.




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